Phase 1 of the HCG diet

Many people often have questions about just what exactly the first phase of the HCG diet plan entails. Rather than boring you with lots of specific details, we thought it best to give you an overview of each phase during the HCG diet, starting with Phase 1 here.
Phase 1 is, obviously, the starting phase of the HCG diet. As such you can imagine, it often can be the most important to get right. Many people think this particular phase is just a gorging phase, but in reality it is much, much more. Phase 1 HCG diet requires a dutiful attention to fat and protein intake, as both are critical during this period. High fat intake and high protein intake are required in order for the HCG to begin mobilizing stored lipids.
How does this work? During Phase 1 you’re required to take HCG, generally Real HCG drops, for a period of 3 days. During these 3 days you consume high fat while taking HCG as the hormone begins to use the fat intake to mobilize the lipids and fats you currently have stored. As you body tries to deposit fat into more cells, the hormone won’t allow them to bond to your current structure of fat cells, instead your body releases and mobilizes these cells into your bloodstream that are currently being stored. After the 3rd day, when you start on the reduced calorie diet, the cells are simply consumed and many people lose a huge volume of weight in their first week as a result.

The amount of weight loss does vary, but with Real HCG, as can be found at (the web’s only real HCG source), the average is somewhere around 10 pounds within the first week. Pace does slow during Phase 2 and 3, but it should remain a steady 0.25-0.5 pounds per day throughout the rest of phase 2. Most people lose upwards of 50 pounds during a single 60 day regimen, though this does vary based upon duration and commitment to the goal.

Tips to Maximize Phase 1 HCG:

    Do not consume greasy or fast foods
    Keep your eyes on the goal of losing weight during Phase 2
    Make sure you’re using the Real Deal and Not Homeopathic HCG
    Avoid protein deficient foods as protein is necessary to mobilize lipids
    Have an attitude that you will succeed!

Phase 1 of the HCG diet is often the easiest phase for people, because of the low restrictions on food, however, it’s important to remain vigilant and follow some of the tips outlined here in order to maximize your weight loss results!

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