Phase 2 of the HCG Diet

Phase 2 of the HCG diet program is often called the very low calorie diet phase (or VLCD for short). This phase is the primary focus of Dr. Simeons weight loss method, and where most of the person’s total weight loss occurs. It is the primary phase all the entire HCG diet program, and for good reason. This phase contains all of the essential pieces of the HCG diet program, including when the body actually reaches clinical blood concentrations of the hormone HCG. It takes several days of HCG supplementation to reach blood concentration levels that are to the point they need to be for the same great HCG weight loss results.
Phase 2 is often recommended to be around 500 calories, but new information actually indicates that 700+ calories may be best for maximal weight loss effects. New research has been done on HCG, and a lot of variations have been tried in order to find the best and most effective methods. In Phase 2, the argument is often among what is the best daily caloric intake. With 700 calories, and mixed vegetables, rather than the classic “single vegetable per meal” methods from five decades ago, the results on the HCG diet program were much better. People were more easily able to stick to phase 2 methods with 700+ calories, but also, overall plateaus in weight loss were almost entirely avoided.
The proper foods required for phase 2 are fairly limited, but this is in order to maximize success. Any lean protein source, beans, fish, lean chicken, is ideal for this phase. Anywhere from 100-150 grams of these can be eaten for every meal (more when beans or other protein sources from vegetables are chosen). Also with lunch and dinner, which are the major meals allowed in phase 2, you can also include 2 vegetables or fruits as desired. Something between 1-2 cups of vegetables or fruit is allowed with each meal. Previously on the more classic program as espoused several decades ago, only one of these was allowed with strict guidelines on vegetables or fruit, however, now this is not the case. HCG works highly effectively on its own as a hypothalamus booster, so it is possible to achieve the same results with a diverse allotment of fruit and vegetables it was found.
Several vegetables and other things should be avoided during the HCG diet and phase 2. Firstly, anything but lean beef (low fat beef) is prohibited. Beef, especially in the USA and in the Western world, often contains high levels of hormones. These can cause huge problems with HCG, as often these are growth hormones, which can adversely effect the highly sensitive HCG molecules, particularly the beta chains. It is important as well to avoid high fat sources of all types, even perfectly safe and healthy fats. Because of Phase 1 and its lipid mobilizing properties, Phase 2 needs to be as devoid of fat as possible to keep the body in “fat consuming mode” and to keep it from burning muscle, water, etc instead. Many HCG users have no problems with these limitations, however, but these tips can greatly improve user results during Phase 2 of the HCG diet.

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