Phase 3 of the HCG diet

Foods for Phase 3Most people who begin the HCG diet program think first about Phase 1 and Phase 2, but are usually involved with the actual act of losing the weight to begin with. Few give much thought on how they keep it off in the long term, after they´ve achieved results. Phase 3 was designed for just this reason. This stage of the program is called the ¨maintenance¨ phase for one simple reason, it´s meant to keep weight off those that have lost it. It´s designed around a life change and natural foods approach that gives people a lot of choices, but does not allow a full fledged return to their previous diet before the start of the HCG program.

Phase 3 allows for dairy, nuts, fruits, vegetables, and all types of meat to be once again introduced to a person´s diet.  Yet, it does not allow people to simply eat anything they want.  Phase 3 is the period that comes after Phase 2 in the HCG diet, and the person is completely off HCG during the 3rd phase.  They should not continue taking the hormone at all, in any way.

Details About Phase 3

There is no limitation about when a person is permitted to enter phase 3.  Generally, at a minimum, users must be in phase 2 for at least 23 days.  Then they can simply halt the program once they reach their ideal weight.  Otherwise, if they need to lose more than 20-30 pounds, they will have to two multiple regimens.  The maximum on the classic program is 43 days, while the maximum on the modern program is 57 days before phase 3 must be entered.  Below is a list of reasons that people can enter phase 3 early, but under no circumstances should they enter it after 57 days (otherwise the immunity build up will be severe.

  • Reaching the user’s weight loss goal
  • Stopping HCG administration for any reason for over 48 hours
  • Plateaus for over 10 days (which signal growing immunity to HCG)

Phase 3 must last a minimum of 21 days before a new regimen can began.  Generally the 25-30 day range is sufficient to remove the immunity build up that occurs from the hormone.